Costs of the Royal Commission

Feb 18, 2019 admin Australian economy, Equity, Global economy, news, Property, SMSF 0 Comment

The Royal Commission into Financial Services is now over, and we are no longer seeing shady operators passing out on the stand or defiant bank executives telling Commissioner Hayne that there is nothing to see. Have the costs outweighed the benefits? And who has actually paid?

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NAB Capital Notes 3 (NABPF) new issue

Feb 11, 2019 admin Fixed Income, Investment Opps, SMSF 0 Comment

NAB is looking to raise $750m (with the ability to raise more or less) at the margin over bank bills of 4-4.2% through NAB Capital Notes 3. The funds are to be used for general corporate purposes.

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2018's winners and losers

Jan 15, 2019 admin Alternative Assets, Australian economy, Equity, Fixed Income, Global economy, news, Property, SMSF 0 Comment

It might be hard to pick who has been a winner in terms of global politics, but Huawei's heiress and CFO, Meng Wanzhou would certainly have to qualify as a loser. Her shock arrest on December 1 in Canada reignited geo-political tensions, and helped spur the market jitters which saw significant downward moves in equity markets across the globe.

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Blink - The Aussie Dollar's flash crash

Jan 07, 2019 admin Australian economy, Fixed Income, Global economy, news 0 Comment

The little Aussie Battler (the Australian Dollar) also had a significant move over the last 12 months, moving from around 78c, up to almost 82c, then falling to around 70c. The trading range of 11.9c was the widest since 2014, showing volatility has crept into foreign exchange markets too. The moves were a reaction to strengthening interest rates in the US and poor trade/economic growth sentiment for our major trading partner – China.

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