Global Market Review December 2017

Jan 03, 2018 admin Alternative Assets, Australian economy, Fixed Income, Global economy, news, SMSF 0 Comment

This year has started with a bang, and (thankfully) it wasn’t from the Korean Peninsula. Instead we were treated to Oprah mulling over a potential Presidential race in 2020 as the US (and world) grow increasingly frustrated over Trump’s behaviour.

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All that glitters – are not Bitcoins

Dec 12, 2017 admin Alternative Assets, Australian economy, Equity, Global economy, innovation, news, SMSF 0 Comment

There’s a lot of hype in the market at the moment with regard to Bitcoin. Almost every session on my weekly radio segment, a listener is asking;

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Global Market Review November 2017

Dec 04, 2017 admin Alternative Assets, Australian economy, Equity, Fixed Income, news 0 Comment

The ASX200 pipped the magic 6,000 level again and added 1.64% for the month.

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Australia's Amazon and Black Friday

Nov 24, 2017 admin Alternative Assets, Australian economy, Global economy, innovation, news 0 Comment

Over the last few months, Amazon has quietly been launching in Australia. Setting up a 'fulfilment' centre in Victoria, and having a token website with the standard bookshop front window. Meanwhile listed Aussie retailers like Harvey Norman, Myer, and JB HiFi have struggled with their share prices on the ASX as analysts brutally cut sales assumptions. Stock prices have been in a lull.

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RIO Tinto Off-market Buyback

Nov 22, 2017 admin

RIO has completed the sale of the Coal & Allied business in Australia for $2.7b US announced today an off market buyback to eligible shareholders. RIO has already announced a $500m buyback to be completed by the end of 2017. The off-market buyback is $700m AUD, and this will be followed with an additional $1.9b USD of on-market purchases.

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