Global Markets Review September

Oct 05, 2018 admin Alternative Assets, Equity, Fixed Income, Global economy, news 0 Comment

  • The S&P500 hit record highs despite President Trump announcing further tariffs. This time around he added 10% to an additional $200b of Chinese imports, which are to rachet up on Januray 1st 2019 to 25%.
  • China responded to the latest round of tariffs by announcing 5-10% tariff increases on $60b of US imports.
  • The US Federal Reserve lifted interest rates (as expected) by 25bps to 2.25%.
  • The ASX200 lagged offshore markets by finishing the month 1.3% lower. The Royal Commission into Banking released an interim report, and Energy & Mining stocks rallied on stronger commodity prices.

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How low can the Aussie go?

Sep 10, 2018 admin Australian economy, Global economy, news 0 Comment

The Australian dollar fell below 71c on Friday, a level not seen since 2016 when oil fell to around $30p/b. This time around, oil is healthy and trading at well over twice that price. So what has triggered the weaker Aussie?

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The broader implications of trade wars & a stronger USD

Sep 03, 2018 admin Alternative Assets, Australian economy, Fixed Income, Global economy, news, Property, SMSF 0 Comment

President Trump is shaking up the status quo of global politics. His main game has been to reverse the unfair advantage he believes China has had in the US economy. China has amassed an almost $30b trade surplus from net exports to the US, exporting everything from Christmas lights, t-shirts, and steel. His laser like focus on China has seen him levy tariffs of $50b, and now upping the ante to $200b.

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Trump talks Turkey

Aug 14, 2018 admin Equity, Fixed Income, Global economy, news 0 Comment

Headlines around the world are flashing serious concern over recent developments in Turkey. How can a country that has its total market capitalisation of companies listed on the stock exchange worth less than Netflix cause such panic and havoc?

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Global Market Review July 2018

Aug 03, 2018 admin Alternative Assets, Australian economy, Equity, Fixed Income, Global economy, news 0 Comment

  • Australian stocks added 1.4% for the month despite a fall in resource prices and related stocks. Gold fell 2.5%, oil off almost 7% to $74.25, and iron ore remained firm at $68.50.

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