NAB Capital Notes 3 (NABPF) new issue

Feb 11, 2019 admin Fixed Income, Investment Opps, SMSF 0 Comment

NAB is looking to raise $750m (with the ability to raise more or less) at the margin over bank bills of 4-4.2% through NAB Capital Notes 3. The funds are to be used for general corporate purposes.

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2018's winners and losers

Jan 15, 2019 admin Alternative Assets, Australian economy, Equity, Fixed Income, Global economy, news, Property, SMSF 0 Comment

It might be hard to pick who has been a winner in terms of global politics, but Huawei's heiress and CFO, Meng Wanzhou would certainly have to qualify as a loser. Her shock arrest on December 1 in Canada reignited geo-political tensions, and helped spur the market jitters which saw significant downward moves in equity markets across the globe.

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RBA leaves rates on hold (again)

Dec 04, 2018 admin Australian economy, Fixed Income, news, Property, SMSF 0 Comment

2018 has proven rather uneventful for the Australian Reserve Bank. With the average Australian the most indebted they have ever been (at circa 190% of disposable income to debt) it has been welcome to most to see cash rates remain at their historic 1.5% low.

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Franking credits - Bill Shorten & Labor's proposition

Nov 28, 2018 admin Australian economy, Equity, news, Property, SMSF 0 Comment

The following analysis has been sourced from a Listed Investment Company (BKI) which focuses on investing in high yielding companies for its investors. It discusses the proposal and what the chief concerns are with regard to the policy.

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Property prices to continue to slump?

Nov 21, 2018 admin Alternative Assets, Australian economy, Equity, news, Property, SMSF 0 Comment

Australian house prices continue to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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