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Cygura services to Citi


The following is an update on the services of Cygura to Citi Australia.

Cygura is no longer partnered with Citi Australia to facilitate the Wholesale Investor certification process. If you wish to renew your Wholesale Investor registration, please contact your Citi Relationship Manager for a paper-based registration form.

There is no cost for you to continue to use your account in Cygura, or access to any certificates you may have created.

However, should you wish to continue to remove your access, for a limited time, we will be processing these requests via the following form only.

For security and privacy reasons, Cygura will only process requests received via form. Details submitted must match what is in Cygura, and the form must be submitted between 12th April 2021 and 19th April 2021*.

*Any requests received outside this period will not be processed.

All fields must be completed and match with Cygura records to be valid and therefore processed.

After a removal is processed, should you wish to reinstate access, you will have to create a new account which will not be linked to any previous details/certificates. Usual Cygura User Access Agreements apply.

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