A compliant and convenient way to manage your sophisticated investors and wholesale clients

Cygura eases the administrative and compliance burden when marketing sophisticated investment opportunities.

As Australia’s leading electronic Sophisticated Investor Certificate registry, accessing a list of your current certified clients is as close as your computer or mobile device.

You can even assist new clients to become certified by inviting them to register with Cygura.

Clients will be notified through their accountant when their certificate is about to expire, so they never need to miss another investment opportunity.


Simplify deal offers

Generate As At Reports, showing which of your clients are eligible for sophisticated and wholesale investment offers and download their certificates in seconds


Cygura eliminates the need for paper certificates, data entry of client information and maintaining a manual certificate registry.

Fully Compliant

Cygura electronic certification is a compliant way for accountants to certify sophisticated investors and wholesale clients for the purposes of Chapters 6D and 7 of the Corporations Act.

Numbered certificates

All Cygura electronic certificates are numbered, simplifying compliance and auditing.


Your clients' information is only available to the advisors and product providers they’ve nominated.

Expiry notifications

Your clients are notified before their certificate expires so they never need to miss an opportunity.

How Cygura works for Advisors

Step 1

Register with cygura at

Step 2

Add your clients by clicking “add” on My SIs page. Clients can be added individually or via a bulk upload.

Step 3

Your client receives an email to complete registration with Cygura. Client nominates their accountant.

Step 4

Accountant certifies their status as a wholesale or sophisticated investor. Certification is now complete.
View client status, certificate number or download certificates on the “My Sis” page. Don’t forget, Cygura will notify you, your client and their accountant one month before certificate expiry.
"We travel a fair bit and I invest directly with certain issuers for my trust and SMSF. I don't like having to go to my accountant and getting 2 certificates signed each time. Cygura means I now only have to do this once for each entity, and I can be interstate."
Nick (Sophisticated Investor)
“We now advise all of our sophisticated investors they can use Cygura. As an online solution it makes the whole process easier. The client can stop chasing their accountant for certificates and we can log in and check their status instantly.”
Katherine, Fund Manager
“Keeping track of paper-certificates has always been labour-intensive and fraught with compliance risk. Now we can generate As-At reports showing the status of our clients’ investor certificates at any point in time.”
Darren, Investment advisor
We use Cygura for all of our sophisticated investor certification. Their simple, automated process is exactly what we were looking for and fits perfectly with our own business approach.”
Andrew Petris, Founder of Timelio
“Cygura is like moving from using cheque books to internet banking.”
Brendan, Accountant
“I take certifying my clients very seriously. After reviewing assets or income, I sign the form, scan a copy for file, and send the original back to my client. This takes time. Cygura is real time, keeps the record for me, and reminds me about upcoming expiries. I like to be on the front foot with my clients.”
David, Accountant

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