A compliant and convenient way to manage your sophisticated investors and wholesale clients

Cygura replaces traditional paper certificates with a central, online system that is transparent, compliant and up-to-date.

Qualified Accountant Certificates can be created, viewed, stored and downloaded from any computer or device in minutes. Each certificate is numbered to simplify reporting.

Cygura has been developed to provide industry best practice for compliance when offering investment opportunities to sophisticated investors and wholesale clients.


Simplify deal offers

Generate As At Reports, showing which of your clients are eligible for sophisticated and wholesale investment offers and download their certificates in seconds.


Cygura eliminates the need for paper certificates, data entry of client information and maintaining a manual certificate registry.

Fully compliant

Cygura electronic certification is a compliant way for accountants to certify sophisticated investors and wholesale clients for the purposes of Chapters 6D and 7 of the Corporations Act.

Numbered certificates

All Cygura electronic certificates are numbered, simplifying compliance and auditing.


Your clients’ information is only available to the advisors and product providers they’ve nominated.

Expiry notifications

Your clients are notified before their certificate expires so they never need to miss an opportunity.

How Cygura works for Advisors

Log in to Cygura at any time to download certificates or generate As At reports.

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