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You have registered to use Cygura to manage your
Wholesale and Sophisticated Investor certificates.

used email

Answer This message shows when either you have already registered with Cygura, or your accountant or advisor has invited you to register.

Solution a Check you haven't already completed your registration by trying to login and selecting forgotten password. If no question appears, you have not completed registration.

Solution b Contact us to request your email to be removed from Cygura. You can now begin registration. If you have been invited by a bank, be sure to use their specialised invitation link.

Now you can create your certificate and access sophisticated & wholesale investments.

update password

1 Log in to Cygura

2 Select 'Profile' from the menu list

3 Scroll down and look for the item you want to update. If it is password, then type your new password in the 2 password boxes. They must match.

4 Click 'Save'.

Your password has now been updated

forgot login details

1 Go to Cygura log in page and select "Forgot Password?"

2 Enter your email & click Next

3 Answer security question & click Next

4 Check your email for new details

You now have your details

address error

Answer Cygura looks up your postcode to help input your suburb. Some browsers auto-fill this information and cause the error.

Solution Disable your browsers auto-fill option, and start typing your postcode.

- Select your suburb from the drop down options.

- Click 'Next'.

Your details have been saved.

update accountant

1 Select 'My Certificates'

2 Scroll down to 'My Network'

3 Next to your accountant, select 'Edit'

4 Type in their email;

option a If your accountant is already registered in Cygura, select them from the dropdown list. If you originally put in an incorrect email address, follow option b;

option b If not, continue adding their details.

5 If the accountant is to be used for all your entities, tick the box.

6 'Save'

You have updated your accountant, and they will receive an email request to certify your status.

entity add on signup

Option A If you are registering to use Cygura, just tick 'Add a Partner or Entity' and put relevant details in the dropdown boxes.

entity add after signup

Option B If you have already registered, you can still add your partner or entity to your Cygura account.

1 Select 'Investor Certificates'

2 Select '+ Partner or Entity'

3 Add relevant details, & 'Save'

Your accountant will now be notified that they need certification.

select accountant

Answer This error happens when either the email you have entered is already registered in Cygura and you have missed selecting your accountant from the dropdown list, or your accountant is using this email address as an advisor or investor type user.

Solution a Try retyping the email address, and see if your accountant's details pop up in a list. If not, try solution b.

Solution b Contact your accountant and ask them if which email address to use for Cygura. If they have used their work email to register as an investor themselves, they will need to contact us to discuss their options.

share certificate

1 Select 'My Investor Certificates'

2 Select the entity certificate you want to share

3 Select 'Share'

4 Begin typing their email address, if they are already in Cygura, a dropdown list will appear - select them from it. If not, continue adding details

5 Select 'Save'. Cygura will now contact them and let them know you have shared your certificate. You might also like to call them and check they have received the notification. Repeat this process for any other entities you also wish to share.

Now they will instantly see your certificate.

share certificate with Citi

Answer This is because you may not have used the special Citibank Cygura registration link, which automatically shares your certificates with Citi. The link is; 

Solution a If you havent already been certified, you can request that we remove your current registration from Cygura. Once we have done that, you can click on the unique Citi link (above) and complete your registration.

Solution b You can manually link your certificates using the following steps;

1 Login and select 'Investor Certificates'

2 Select which person or entity to share their certificate with Citi

3 Slowly type 'BWM' and Citibank should appear in the dropdown list. Select this.

4 Save. Repeat this process for any other entities you also wish to share.

Now Citibank will instantly see your certificate.

The following short video shows how an investor registers in Cygura

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