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Cygura is Australia’s leading online Sophisticated and Wholesale Investor Certificate portal, simplifying the certification of your SMSF for sophisticated or wholesale investment opportunities.

Generally, an SMSF is considered a retail investor. However if your accountant certifies that your SMSF has net assets of $2.5 million or is investing more than $500,000, your SMSF can be considered “wholesale”. That means your SMSF can access investments not generally available to retail investors.

Cygura makes the whole process simple, with an online portal to create, share and manage your Qualified Accountant’s Certificate (or Sophisticated Investor Certificate) in real time, from any computer or device.

Your accountant will even receive electronic notifications when your SMSF’s certificate is about to expire, so you don’t miss out on investment opportunities.


Get certified

Cygura electronic certification is a compliant way for accountants to certify your SMSF for the purposes of Chapters 6D and 7 of the Corporations Act.


Cygura eliminates the need for paper certificates and maintaining multiple certificates with different advisors and product providers.

Real time

Create, share and manage your SMSF’s certificate any time, from anywhere in the world.


You have complete control over who can view your certificate.

Expiry notifications

You'll hear from Cygura one month before your certificate expires so you'll never be caught out.

Free to use

Register, create or share your certificate with as many advisors and product providers as you chose for free.

How Cygura works for SMSF

Log in at any time to update your details or share your certificate.

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